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Are you struggling with depression or anxiety, carrying too much stress and tension, or just feeling stuck and ready to make a change? Reclaim your health, feel at home in your body, and fully inhabit yourself. Tap into the power of Five-Element Acupuncture.

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Five-Element Acupuncture is a highly personalized approach to your health based on your individual constitution. Your body will guide us point by point to a restored sense of balance unique to you.

Dr. Kristen Voget specializes in providing trauma-informed care for mental and emotional wellness and relief from chronic pain due to stress and illness.

Inhabit Acupuncture - Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture

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Make your first appointment and reset the balance in your body.


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Release stress and emotional patterns and feel a new sense of alignment.


Come Home

Discover your most whole, authentic self and live your best life.

Five Element Acupuncture treatment

You already hold the keys to a life of balance and ease.

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Five Element Acupuncture is a gentle method of addressing and rebalancing emotions stored in the physical body.


This whole-person approach looks beyond the symptoms and can melt physical tension and bring relief from chronic illness.


Find release from mental patterns, stress, and trauma.

What clients are saying.

Lexis Evans
Lexis Evans
The BEST acupuncturist I have ever seen. I am new to acupuncture, and was quite uneducated, however Dr.Voget is one of the kindest, warm hearted, and best doctors I have ever seen. She is dedicated to knowing her patients, and helping them the best that she can. Highly recommend if you are looking for a great experience, and new approach. She will make you feel seen and heard as a patient, and will get to the root cause. Cannot recommend her enough! She has given me an entire new perspective on health and I will continue to go to her for years to come.
olga liu
olga liu
I cannot express the amount of gratitude and honor to have Kristen guide me on my healing path. Her gifts of infinite compassion, wisdom, and empathy never ceases to surprise me and her intuition has never missed. Each treatment is a collaborative effort that has over time, taught me to hone my own intuition and learn to listen to the language of my own body. Kristen offers a sanctuary both within and without. She is truly talented and I would recommend her to everyone.
Jill Raff
Jill Raff
It is with profound gratitude and privilege that I share my experience with Kristen at Inhabit Acupuncture . I have been seeing Kristen for over a year, twice a month, and I have seen remarkable results, both physically and mentally. I feel so much more aligned that I would not want to imagine life without her! She is truly a gift❤️
Gabby Agnes
Gabby Agnes
Kristen’s work is more of an incredible gift that she has beautifully crafted in a way that is completely unique and special. The way she can energetically read and feel people both in a physical and energetic level is why I have been going to her every weeks for almost 2 years now. Her care and depth for each person she works on has allowed me to move through things on a spiritual, physical, and emotional level. She is truly one of a kind and I am so glad that I found her and would recommend her to anyone in need of the acupuncture practice.
Melissa Christie
Melissa Christie
Working with Kristen is a wonderful gift. She is a highly skilled clinician who is an incredible, empathic listener and gentle, intuitive, and supportive in her approach. Acupuncture sessions with Kristen are so much fun because it is truly a partnership — she has an beautiful way of simultaneously supporting me with her clinical expertise while also being receptive to my own intuitive processes and magically integrating it all together. I LOVE working with her! Our treatment sessions began six months ago and I often reflect on how grateful I am to have met her. I always feel much more at home after leaving a treatment session with Kristen and am so grateful for our time together.
MJ Heart
MJ Heart
Kristen's approach to acupuncture through the Five Element Treatment is an experience that feels beyond explanation. The benefits of this system are felt in the physical body, but also reach far into the subtle layers of emotional health, mental wellness, and energetic healing. I first went to Kristen with chronic pain in my sacral joint and pelvic inflammation expecting to be pierced with a needle to find release; however what I received was so much more. Over the course of my sessions, I found each layer of my inner self being brought into deeper balance, I found myself becoming more aligned and whole, I found my overall health improving physically and emotionally, and by the end - I had no more pain whatsoever! After 10 years of chronic pain and inflammation issues, experiencing that kind of relief is unbelievable, especially as a bodyworker, healer, and yoga teacher. My whole quality of life has improved and I am forever grateful for finding her healing space and the offerings she gives as wellness practitioner. I recommend her to anyone looking for a deep form of healing and release! You will not regret one visit.
Eileen Espiritu
Eileen Espiritu
From the moment you step into Inhabit Acupuncture’s space, it is welcoming and cozy. The décor is perfect – I love all of the plants, natural light that comes in from the window, and the super comfy chairs! Kristen remains present and attentive whenever I discuss my physical, mental, or emotional ailments. She keeps me informed of her treatment plan so I am not left feeling surprised or nervous. If you do not want a specific point or points needled, she is flexible and works with you….all you need to do is communicate that to her. After my acupuncture treatments, I always leave feeling like myself again - in case you were wondering what this entails: stressful situations no longer take control of my nervous system, I don’t feel weighed down by my physical aches and pains, I become excited to make positive changes in my life, big decisions aren’t as overwhelming and I’m able to move forward, and I feel empowered. You have to be ready, willing, and dedicated to continue on your healing path. Kristen is one of the few acupuncturists I trust. She makes you feel at ease and has helped my daughters become comfortable and excited about acupuncture as well!

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Your initial appointment will be 1 hour and 30 minutes. This includes an in-depth consultation and your first acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture sessions may include needles, moxibustion and other therapeutic tools specific to your needs.

Follow-up appointments

Each follow-up appointment will be 1 hour and will include acupuncture and any complementary therapies such as moxibustion (herbal heat therapy), gua sha, or hands-on techniques.

Four-pack of follow-up appointments

This package offers each follow-up treatment at a discounted rate of $95 per session. The best effects come from consistent treatment, especially in the beginning. Once we begin to see a shift into balance, then we can decide how often you feel like you need a tune-up. Some people come bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally.
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